Maia Sandu Presents the Draft National Security Strategy

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According to the head of state, the strategy defines threats to the country’s security and lines of action to ensure the national security. According to Maia Sandu, the strategy includes three main goals: protection of citizens’ security, creation of a strong state and European integration. “We will protect the security of every citizen. We will create a strong and respected state. We will demand to be respected including by the Russian Federation. We will not allow Moldova to be blackmailed, we will strengthen state institutions so that Moldova becomes a truly independent state. The strategy is aimed at uniting the efforts of all state institutions,” Maia Sandu said during the briefing. The head of state claimed that the new National Security Strategy is a response to the modern threats facing the country, including possible destabilization amidst the Ukrainian conflict. “For many years, Moldova has been under attack: attacks by corrupt groups, attacks by criminal groups that seek to use the state in their own interests, blackmail by the Russian Federation (...) Moldova is under the threat of destabilization and at real risk of being next if Ukraine falls. These attacks will not stop, so it is our duty to increase our readiness to face them and to strengthen ourselves, so that Moldovans feel safe at home,” Sandu outlined. The president listed the following action lines of the new National Security Strategy: National Army’s modernization and security budget’s increase; peaceful settlement of the Pridnestrovian conflict and withdrawal of the Russian troops from Moldova’s territory; development of a long-term multisectoral partnership with Ukraine; development of a strategic partnership with the USA, as well as with NATO; intensification of the struggle against corruption. Maia Sandu said that the draft of the new Security Strategy would be submitted to public consultations. “We are launching the stage of public consultations to ensure a common understanding of the dangers and solutions concerning national security, the security of every citizen.” she noted.