Slovakia Halts Military Aid to Ukraine

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Slovakia will stop military support for Ukraine and concentrate on the peace process, the country’s new Prime Minister Robert Fico said. Slovakia will no longer provide military aid to Ukraine, the country’s new Prime Minister Robert Fico said during a speech to members of the parliamentary committee on European affairs before the leaders’ summit in Brussels. “We support humanitarian and civilian aid to Ukraine - this will be the official policy of my government. We will not supply Ukraine with any weapons,” Fico claimed. Previously, Fico noted that military aid only prolongs the conflict and the suffering of civilians. According to him, now it is necessary to put all the efforts into the peace process. Stopping arms deliveries to Kyiv was one of Fico’s election promises, whose party “Smer - Social Democracy” won the recent parliamentary elections. Recently, Fico officially took office as prime minister of Slovakia. Even before the decision to stop military support for Kyiv, European Commission head Ursula von der Leyen congratulated Fiсo on taking office, noting that “strong Slovakia is important in particular to support Ukraine”.