MP Excluded from Moldova 1 Debate Because of Russian Language

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The rules of the public company Teleradio-Moldova stipulate that electoral debates are held in Romanian, but Caraman started answering questions in Russian. The debates on Radio Moldova started at 17:00. Each candidate was given one minute to present their electoral platform, and Diana Caraman spoke Romanian. But during the open debate, she spoke in Russian in response to journalist Veronica Sсorpan: “Good question. Thank you.” The host interrupted the PCRM candidate and urged her to “speak Romanian in accordance with the rules of this show”. “Our priority is to protect the rights of citizens including Russian speakers...”, said Caraman, after which the moderator interrupted the broadcast and the debate was resumed ten minutes later with the rest of the candidates, without Diana Caraman. At 19.00 she arrived at the debate organized by the public TV channel, where the situation was repeated. Diana Caraman started speaking in Russian twice, her speech was interrupted by the host, and then the microphone was switched off, the broadcast was stopped and the PCRM candidate left the debate. While in the studio of public television, Caraman addressed the citizens and asked the international missions to express their opinion. “I am deprived of exercising my right as an electoral contestant only on the grounds that I speak Russian. I believe that it is discrimination, it is a violation of the law, and as a member of parliament, I cannot obey illegal orders,” she said. In addition, the candidate for Chisinau mayor pointed out the violation of the Constitution to the management of the company, in response to which she was promised an official comment.