Moldovan Village Beneficiaries Ask to Urgently Unblock Funds

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Beneficiaries of the Moldovan Village program request to urgently unblock the funds. Some representatives of the local public authorities gave a news conference to show their dissatisfaction The mayors who attended the news conference made accusations against the current government, saying that it intentionally blocks the funding for the Moldovan Village. According to them, this is done because the program that envisions millions of lei for the rehabilitation of localities in Moldova was announced by Ilan Shor. So, the political views of the government do not coincide with the views of those who initiated the program. “I would like to say that the treasury didn’t provide any response to the question why there is no money. I have a confirmation that the money was transferred,” said Vitalie Berezantsev, the mayor of Marzesti commune, Orhei district, showing a document confirming this. “The council voted in favor of accepting the money, but the State Chancellery blocked it. They brought us back, notified of the council’s decision, said we had not held public consultations. They block us by different ways and don’t allow us to work, to bring investments to our communities, to my commune,” stated Vitalie Berezantsev. The primar noted that the money intended for the Moldovan Village project will go to develop localities and he cannot understand why obstacles are placed. “Dear citizens, this money comes to develop our localities, kindergartens, for water supply and sewerage systems. What is bad here? We see nothing bad. But the current authorities show that the European Village project brings loans, but money for Moldovan Village is blocked,” the mayor said, accusing the authorities of “violating all laws, citizens’ rights, the rights of the councilors who voted.” The mayor of Merenii Noi village of Anenii Noi district Andrei Druzi said that through the “Moldovan Village” program, the locality he represents could have solved many problems for citizens, but the money was blocked, without any arguments from the responsible authorities. “This money was to be used to repair a road that is now in a deplorable state and poses big risks to the vehicles travelling there,” Andrei Druzi said. He added that the money was to be used to repair the kindergarten.