US Imposes New Sanctions against Russia

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The United States has imposed new sanctions on Moscow over the war in Ukraine, targeting Russia’s future energy potential and evasion of previously imposed sanctions. The measures particularly target the energy project, the financial sector and military-industrial companies. They also target kamikaze drones that pose a threat to Ukrainian military and equipment. The new measures target a large enterprise involved in the development, operation and ownership of a major project in Siberia, Arctic LNG-2, the Department of State. The project involves transporting liquefied natural gas to global markets. Washington has also targeted the KYB UAV and Lancet kamikaze drones used by the Russian military in Ukraine. The network, which the US accused of buying items to produce them, as well as the creator and designer of the drones, have faced sanctions. On Thursday the US Commerce Department placed 13 organizations in Russia and Uzbekistan on the export control list for actions contrary to national security and foreign policy interests. The US also took action against sanctions evasion through the UAE, Turkey and China. The Treasury Department stated companies based in those countries continue to send dual-use goods to Russia, including components that Moscow is targeting for its weapons systems. Seven Russian banks and dozens of industrial companies, including Gazpromneft - Catalytic Systems, also fell under the Treasury Department’s sanctions. According to the Treasury Department, the company produces chemical reagents for advanced oil refining in Russia. The U.S. is trying to target future energy production in Russia, just as it targeted future deep-water, shale and Arctic oil extraction after the annexation of Crimea in 2014. All of these projects depend on Western technology. The US itself is a major producer of LNG, which it exports to Europe. Washington is trying to reduce Russian LNG supplies to Europe, which, in turn, has only banned Russian pipeline gas supplies. The Arctic LNG-2 project was expected to start operating soon, and it is unclear how much Russian LNG will be blocked by the new restrictions. Washington also imposed sanctions on Russian company ZALA Aero, which the State Department says designs, manufactures and sells barrage munitions and kamikaze drones to the Russian Defense Ministry. A-Level Aerosystems, a Russian company that manufactures and sells drones under the ZALA brand, was also hit by the sanctions. In addition, sanctions were imposed against the owner of the companies, Alexander Zakharov, his wife, daughter and sons, as well as the enterprises they own.