Poll: Biden’s Ratings Plummet to Lowest Amid Gaza War

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The majority of voters polled by the NBC TV channel said that they disapprove of the current president’s foreign policy. The level of Americans’ approval of Joe Biden’s activity as US President amidst Israel’s war against the Hamas terrorist organization fell to 40%. This is the minimum indicator for the entire term of the Democrat’s tenure as head of state. These are the data of the NBC News TV channel’s national poll, which was released by it on Sunday, 19 November. According to this document, the share of those who disapprove of Biden’s presidential activity has reached 57% in the US. For comparison: in January of this year, 46% of respondents approved Biden’s activity as president in a similar poll was, and 50% of respondents disapproved. According to the survey’s authors, such results are due to the low level of Americans’ approval of Joe Biden’s foreign policy, primarily his position on Israel’s actions in the war against the Hamas terrorist organization. Only 33% of respondents approved foreign policy of Joe Biden’s administration. 62% of respondents expressed the opposite opinion. In the case Israel, 34% of voters approved of Biden’s position and 56% disapproved. Americans’ level of approval of Biden and Trump In addition, the poll results showed that for the first time Biden was behind former US President Donald Trump in terms of voter support “in a hypothetical electoral match-up”, although the gap between them is within the margin of error and the election is still 11 months away, according to the NBC publication. The incumbent president’s loss of points is most noticeable among Democrats, many of whom believe that “Israel has gone too far in its military actions in the Gaza Strip”, as well as among voters aged 18 to 34, the journalists state. In the latter group, Biden’s position on Israel is disapproved of by nearly 70% of those polled. Hamas attack on Israel The escalation of the conflict in the Middle East began after the radical Islamist movement Hamas, recognized as a terrorist organization in the European Union and the US, launched a large-scale attack on Israel on 7 October 2023. The terrorists launched a massive rocket attack on Israel and, after invading its territory, carried out the most massive massacre of civilians in the history of the modern Israeli state. Its victims were 1,200 people. The militants also seized more than 240 hostages and took them to the Gaza Strip. Israel has responded by declaring war on Hamas. The country’s army has been conducting massive strikes on this densely populated Palestinian region under Hamas rule, as well as a military land operation. The Hamas-controlled Ministry of Health reports that more than 12,000 people have been killed in the Gaza Strip. It is not possible to confirm these figures from independent sources.