Farmers Heading to Chisinau: We Are Going to Defend Our Life’s Work

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Farmers from different parts of the country are heading with their agricultural equipment to Chisinau, where they are going to take part in a protest planned for 23 November on the Great National Assembly Square. According to the farmers, they are on the verge of bankruptcy and have to resort to these measures. They said the authorities have never come up with any solution to stop the devastation of farmers in the country’s rural areas. “Today, no matter how many of us, we are moving forward! Those who dared to come out to protest, I ask you not to look left and right, we are moving forward for results. I call on farmers to defend their rights, their life’s work. I ask those who have dignity, courage and who care about the nation’s fate, about the future of agriculture in Moldova - do not sit at home, come and defend your rights. Courage, dignity and honesty are our hallmarks,” is the appeal of Causeni farmer Sergiu Stefanco, who is on his way to Chisinau. Farmers from 20 districts of the country are expected to take part in the protest. Previously, Agriculture Minister Vladimir Bolea announced the establishment of a working group to define mechanisms of financial support for micro and small farms. According to him, subsidies are planned to be provided to 2,400 farmers. In their turn, the farmers demand a moratorium on the penalties they owe to creditors and the approval of direct payments per hectare of maize and sunflower crops.