Moldovan Authorities Denounce Another Seven CIS Agreements

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On Wednesday, the Moldovan government denounced seven more agreements concluded on the CIS platform. In the opinion of the cabinet members, they are no longer relevant and do not benefit the Moldovan citizens. The list of the cancelled agreements is: On health protection of member states; On cooperation in combating the circulation of falsified medicines; On the creation of a common scientific and technical space; On cooperation in the field of tax legislation and prevention of offences; On cooperation in combating tax offences; On creation of reserves and ensuring stable parallel operation of power systems; Consideration of cooperation on knowledge dissemination and adult education. In May 2023, Prime Minister Dorin Recean requested a “reconsideration” of agreements that Moldova had signed within the CIS. According to the State Register of Treaties, maintained by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration, Moldova was a party to 282 agreements within the CIS at the beginning of 2023. According to government spokesperson Daniel Voda, by the end of October 2023, the government initiated the denunciation of 70 of them.