Ukrainian Expert: Cameron Came to Moldova to Set Transnistria on Fire

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It’s also about helping the official Chisinau to take this region under its control. This opinion was expressed by Ukrainian political analyst Mykhaylo Chaplyga on the air of the Politeka Online channel. He considers the fact that David Cameron became the second Prime Minister in the history of Great Britain, who returned to the government to take the lower position and became not the Prime Minister, but the Minister of Foreign Affairs, and immediately after that, not yet having taken the oath of office, immediately travelled to Ukraine after the CIA Head William Burns, and then, after a meeting in Kyiv with the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy, went to Odessa together with the Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba, as a part of global game. “Why Odesa? Well, Odesa, that’s clear. But he won’t go to Ochakiv. There he can be “slammed”. He went to Ochakiv, where everything started and where it will end. And then he went to Moldova. And there’s Transnistria. I tell you: if Transnistria does not “slam” in the near future, I don’t understand what this was all about. I mean the bridgehead and everything else and so on. Because this is the only option. And if it “slams” there, then I will ask the question, what was it for, because the answer will be that everything will be “closed”,” said Mykhaylo Chaplyga. In his opinion, the obvious goal is how to come out heroically from the game. “What is brewing now, it will either blast in Transnistria, or I will twist at the temple, because I don’t understand otherwise. But when it blasts in Transnistria, it will blast everywhere in such a way that the whole game will be “closed”. Well, it is obvious that if your plane does not reach point B, you have two options: to heroically explode by ramming in the air, or unheroically crash somewhere in the forest. Choose,” the Ukrainian political analyst claimed. He believes that such a scenario benefits the Moldovan authorities as well, because with poor management results, the current Moldovan authorities have the only option to set the situation on fire, and the only way to set the situation on fire is through Transnistria. “And Transnistria is really in a weak position, because it is impossible for the Russians to get people there. And if we make a bridgehead (on the left bank of the Dnieper), where we make it, and this is open information and nobody hides it, then we look at the map. What is the importance of this bridgehead? The importance is simple - to cover Ochakiv. What is Ochakiv? It is a point of control of the Black Sea and Crimea. What can Ochakiv do? It can cover against the possibility of Russian ships getting involved. If it covers that part from the possibility of Russian ships’ participation, and it can cover only temporarily,” Chaplyga said. According to him, moreover, any bridgeheads become, especially in winter, temporary, and there is a very limited period of time for which you can control it. “The Russians before winter packed up and left Kherson, otherwise they would have been driven to the river, the full might of that Russian army would have been driven to the river, and they would not have survived the winter there, in the destroyed city. That is why they leave the destroyed city for the winter to us, and they themselves withdraw. At the same time, we responded in winter, when they left with all their might from Kherson, but not from the bridgehead, we went to the bridgehead to hold it. It is temporary. Therefore, the period is a month, maybe a month and a half. Because cluster munitions will come in response. Why would you do that? Why would you cover Ochakiv for a month? After Mr. Cameron’s visit, there is only one answer: either informationally overshadow Avdeevka or take Transnistria. That is it. Well, there is the logic: you don’t need to be a military expert, or anything else. The logic is simple. So, if they don’t take Transnistria by the end of December, I don’t understand what this was all about. But if they start Transnistria, Cobasna, with warehouses full of weapons, is blown up. It’s probably mined. Moreover, if Cobasna blows up, windows will be shattered in Chisinau, literally. In addition, an earthquake will destroy houses in the suburbs of Odesa. Just understand the situation for a second,” the Ukrainian political analyst claimed.