The CEC Sanctioned a Number of Political Parties

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Members of the Central Election Commission (CEC) reviewed the data of the campaign finance reports for the general local elections of 5 November 2023 as of 3 November 2023 submitted by the election contestants. As a result, the CEC sanctioned several political parties for violating legal provisions. Thus, a sanction in the form of a warning was applied to the following electoral candidates: the People’s Party of the Republic of Moldova, the Political Party “Alternative Force for the Salvation of Moldova” and the Political Party “New Historical Choice” for failure to comply with the provision regarding the opening of an account mentioning “Electoral Fund” and informing the Commission about it in writing. Another 14 political parties were warned about the need to comply with the legal requirements and obliged to submit, by 30 November, a corrected report on the financing of the electoral campaign as of 3 November: Party of Communists of the Republic of Moldova, Professional Movement Party “Speranța (Hope)”, Ecologist Green Party, National Liberal Party, Democracy at Home Party, Political Party “Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe”, Party “Renastere (Renaissance)”, Political Party “Power of Diaspora”, “Party of Action and Solidarity”, The Common Action Political Party - Civil Congress, Political Party “For People, Nature and Animals”, National Moldavian Party, Political party “League of Cities and Municipalities”, Electoral bloc “Ruslan Codreanu”. For financing electoral campaigns contrary to the law and exceeding the limit of monetary donations, some electoral contestants were asked to contribute to the state budget until 17:00 on 30 November the amounts of: 72,000 lei (about 3,600 euros) - Political Party “Power of Diaspora”; 29,900 lei - Party “Renastere (Renaissance)”; 8,300 lei - Political Party “Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe”.