The Consequences of Heavy Snowfall Are Eliminated in Moldova for the Third Day

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Over the last 24 hours, rescuers worked on roads of national importance in Taraclia, Anenii Noi, Orhei, Dubasari, Causeni, Stefan Voda, Cahul, Cimislia, Rezina districts and in Gagauzia. “In Criuleni and Dubasari districts, two pregnant women needed the help of rescuers to get to a medical centre. In the morning of 28 November, 19 settlements in 5 districts remain partially disconnected from electricity,” said Liliana Puscasu, Inspectorate General for Emergency Situations spokeswoman. The information provided by the IGES was valid at 6 a.m. of 28 November. However, at 14:30, 24 settlements remained without light. This became known from the message of Premier Energy. They noted the work’s complexity on the connection of consumers. So, to be safe it was necessary to switch off others. In addition, it was difficult to get to the places because of large snowdrifts. The company published a video of the employees stuck in the village of Hirtopul Mare in Criuleni district. Meanwhile, the State Road Administration said that all national highways have been unblocked, though on some of them vehicles are travelling on only one lane. “National public roads are being operated in winter conditions and road crews continue to work non-stop. Some sections are more difficult with snow reaching two to three metres high. At the moment, the most difficult traffic conditions are observed on the Anenii Noi section, namely G 112, the Stefan Voda section and the Cimislia section,” the spokeswoman for the State Road Administration, Elena Dintiu, said. The Minister of Infrastructure admits that he personally is dissatisfied with the situation. According to Andrei Spinu, it is necessary to improve the capacity of state structures to better intervene in emergency situations. “You can never be satisfied with crisis intervention. We have already given instructions to better analyze everything that happened in these 48 hours in order to improve the process. This is a situation that needs to be managed as much as possible, learn lessons and improve it in the future,” Spinu claimed. According to the State Road Administration, more than 260 units of special vehicles and about half a thousand road workers were involved in snow clearing works over the last 24 hours. In total, nearly two thousand tons of anti-slip material were use up. Rescuers urge motorists not to drive on uncleared roads. If you go on the road, the car should have winter tires, and you should have sand, a shovel and chains in the boot. In addition, make sure your phone battery is charged.