Nosatii: Our Strategic Goal is Moldova’s Defense Capability in Line with NATO Standards

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For the first time, Chisinau is hosting the annual meeting of the national contact points of the Defense Capabilities Consolidation Initiative (DCBI) within NATO. The meeting is jointly organized by the Ministry of Defense and NATO’s Partnership and Cooperative Security Committee (PCSC), reports The Committee brings together representatives of allied and partner countries responsible for the DCBI implementation, as well as the beneficiary states of this cooperation mechanism: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Jordan, Iraq, Mauritania, Mauritania and Tunisia. “The purpose of the meeting is to review the current stage of implementation of the projects envisaged by the DCB initiative, to identify ways to improve the process, as well as to synchronize national and international efforts in this direction to enhance international security. The forum program includes presentation of examples of the implementation of DCB package initiatives and related projects in other countries, as well as within the UN,” the Defense Ministry said. “With the paradigm shift in regional security on 24 February 2022, national defense has become a priority for the political leadership of the Republic of Moldova, which has ensured full support for the transformation and modernization of the defense sector and the development of national resilience. Our strategic goal is to develop Moldova’s defense capabilities in line with NATO standards, and the support of our external partners is essential to achieve this goal,” Defense Minister Anatolie Nosatii said when opening the meeting in Chisinau. Moldova joined the Defense and Security Capacity Building Initiative (DCBI) in 2015.