Searches in Dmitrii Constantinov’s House. What We Know About It

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Officers from the National Anti-Corruption Centre raided the house of the People’s Assembly of Gagauzia head, his son and employees of the distillery this morning. About 30 people in total, Dmitrii Constantinov told the Gagauzinfo.MD news portal. “Today from 7 am there were searches, both in Ferapontievca, where I am registered, and at home, where I live, near the distillery. In addition, at my son’s house, and at the employees of the enterprise. They came to all places at once, 30 people, probably, CNA employees,” Dmitrii Constantinov said. According to him, investigators are finding out how the Gagauz politician became the owner of the distillery. “There is a criminal case against me for fraud; they are looking for some fake contracts. I allegedly took the distillery by fraudulent means. I do not know what they are looking for. They took my phone, my wife’s computer. I gave them everything,” Constantinov added. He considers the criminal case to be “politically motivated”. “The case is being considered in the Supreme Court of Justice. Those who claimed it keep silent. Besides, the state has already shown its interest. I was warned that if the Executive Committee were approved, we would face problems, a criminal case on fraud. They have been warning me about this for a long time that they would investigate how the distillery became mine. I told them - go to the bank, look who closed the loans, who paid the builders, who ordered the projects. And you will see to whom the distillery belongs,” Constantinov added.