PAS MP: Neutrality Does Not Ensure Security, We Need to Join NATO

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PAS MP Ina Coșeru said that Moldova’s state neutrality does not ensure the country’s security. According to Coșeru, the only thing that currently guarantees Moldova’s security is the Ukrainian army. “The Constitution foresees the military neutrality of the Republic of Moldova, which, unfortunately, does not guarantee our security. As long as Ukraine is fighting for its integrity, security in the Republic of Moldova is also preserved. And we all realize, if Ukraine does not win the war, Moldova will be in danger,” Coșeru said. According to her, many Ukrainian refugees who transited through Moldova said that they could have stayed in our country, but they were afraid that the war would reach our country as well. They preferred to go further to Romania, Poland and other European countries. “Therefore, it is very important to talk about Moldova’s accession to NATO, because by joining NATO, we will be able to guarantee our country’s military security,” the MP added. Coșeru said that the issue of NATO membership had been discredited for a long time and it was part of a hybrid propaganda war against our country. The authorities need to communicate with people, to inform and explain the necessity of abandoning the neutral status and joining the military alliance as a real way to ensure the state security.