Ruslan Galusca Heads the Moldovan Border Police

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After two months of waiting, the Border Police has a new head. The Moldovan government at a meeting on 29 December appointed Ruslan Galusca to the post. According to Interior Minister Adrian Efros, who presented the candidature, Ruslan Galusca has been working in the General Inspectorate of Border Police since 2009 and has held various positions, including senior ones, in the field of state border protection, combating illegal immigration and cross-border crime. On 8 November, the former head of the Border Police, Rosian Vasiloi, resigned. The Cabinet approved the resignation. The resignation of the Border Police’s head was preceded by a number of tragic and scandalous incidents. On 18 September, Vasiloi was found suspected of official negligence in the case of the shooting at the Chisinau airport building on 30 June, which killed two people. Later, the head of the Border Police sued the Interior Ministry, denying the suspicions against him. Another security incident at Chisinau airport occurred in early November. A foreigner arriving in Moldova on a flight from Turkey escaped from the sterile zone of the air harbor after being denied entry into the country. He managed to bypass the additional control filters installed at the airport. The foreigner managed to reach the Azerbaijani embassy in Chisinau, where he was detained and then expelled from the country. Prime Minister Dorin Recean, commenting on the incident, said that “resignation will follow in the near future”.