Slusari: Plahotniuc Has Definitely Come Under Kremlin’s Control

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In Slusari’s opinion, Plahotniuc has nothing to lose and has finally come under the Kremlin’s control. “All his sins have been forgiven or at least postponed. This is what Sor agreed on during his last visit to Russian Federation. If I know this, I am sure that the security services know it as well,” says Alexandru Slusari, president of the Farmers’ Power Association. According to him, he is surprised by the government’s “short-sightedness regarding this case.” “We see that Nichiforciuc, Andronachi, Damir, Vaja Jashi are very calm. Some have returned to politics and even formed a coalition with the PAS in the districts. Some have become glamour stars. Some still controls the port, dominates the grain and oilseed sector and advertises in all media, expecting to destroy small and medium-sized farmers and increase own economic concentration,” writes Alexandru Slusari. He also argues that “those who think they can control Nichiforciuc are very naive.” “Gentlemen from the government, you are deeply mistaken if you expect that through the EBRD you will be able to stop Vaja when Plahotniuc orders him to act. We see the course of the war in Ukraine and realize that Russia is not stopping in its imperialist and subversive moves. Our country risks getting stabbed in the back also because of completely unnecessary and very dangerous domestic political and economic games in the current conditions,” former deputy parliamentary speaker Alexandru Slusari added.