Nosatîi: We Will Invest in Security

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Anatolie Nosatîi, the Defense Ministry head, said that the conflict on the border had forced Moldova to increase our resilience and advance towards the European integration. The Minister emphasized that by increasing the National Army’s budget, investments in security would be enhanced, including airspace surveillance architecture. According to Nosatîi, the authorities made “quite a lot of progress” in that regard. Asked when the National Army will be able to meet NATO and international standards, the Defense Minister said, the budget for the year had been doubled, amounting to 0.55 of the national GDP. “Next year’s budget will amount to about two billion lei and have a slight increase, almost to 0.6 of the GDP. This will allow us to continue these initiated projects and develop others, which are only for the benefit of citizens, for the defense system development to ensure peace and security in Moldova,” the Defense Minister added. Speaking on the need to build a military base in Bacioi, Nosatîi stated the following: “First of all, let’s start with the fact that we inherited military units from the former Soviet Union. Many of them are scattered around the city, small, in deplorable condition, some are badly outdated. Placing units in residential neighborhoods is not a good practice in terms of safety, traffic and a number of circumstances. That is why we decided to move the units out of the central part of the city, which would, first of all, improve mobility. And, secondly, there would be no interference with the civilian population and no traffic obstruction by military vehicles.”