Media Named Three Romanian Citizens In Charge of Key Moldovan Institutions

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Three of them have been appointed to important government positions. Besides them, nine Romanian citizens serve as advisers and high-level counsellors of the European Union. Among the first three is former Romanian Finance Minister Anca Dragu, who heads the National Bank of Moldova. Another one is the ex-head of Romania’s National Anti-Money Laundering Office Marius Staicu, who heads Moldova’s anti-money laundering service. Diplomat Cosmin Dinescu has been put in charge of the EU Civilian Partnership Mission in Moldova, focused on cyber security, countering hybrid threats, strengthening crisis management structures in internal security. Nine Romanian citizens have been dispatched as counsellors and high advisers of the European Union (13 in total) to the Moldovan executive authorities. Among them are ex-education minister Daniel Funeriu, ex-chairman of the Romanian National Authority for Scientific Research Dragos Ciuparu, ex-manager of the Romanian National Bank Nicolae Grigore, ex-general prosecutor Gabriela Scutea, ex-head of the Romanian Energy Regulatory Authority Alexandru Sandulescu, former first deputy head of the Romanian police, quaestor (brigadier general) Victor Apreutesei, ex-head of the Romanian government secretariat Victor Giosan. Former Romanian Transport Minister Anca Boagiu, and former Romanian Interior Ministry Secretary, quaestor (brigadier general) Irina Alexe are also seconded to Moldova.