Romanian Foreign Minister: Moldova Is Ukraine’s Most Affected Neighbor

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The statement was made at a joint press conference with her Lithuanian counterpart Gabrielius Landsbergis. At the same time, Odobescu said that Moldova is Ukraine’s most affected neighbor and that Romania is making great efforts to support the country. “We cannot be weak now and we must continue to support Ukraine. It is vital for them, but it is also a security issue for us. We saw it directly or implicitly when Russian drones fell on Romanian territory, but it’s not just that. That is why we must continue to support Ukraine bilaterally, but also at the European Union level. We hope that the European Council in early February will find a solution to adopt a support mechanism for Ukraine,” the Romanian foreign minister said. Last week, the Romanian diplomat participated in an informal security Snow Meeting organized in Trakai, Lithuania. Participants to the meeting discussed topics of security interest: the strategic consequences of the Russian Federation’s aggressive war against Ukraine, the future of the European security architecture, the 20th anniversary of NATO’s 2004 enlargement, the NATO summit in Washington in July and prospects for cooperation with the Asia-Pacific region.