Clipii: Spinu Might Be the Next Target of Score-Settling within the PAS

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This assumption was made by Igor Clipii, former Moldovan Ambassador to Lithuania, in the context of the resignation of Nicu Popescu, as well as Olesea Stamate, which, in his opinion, is not accidental. “The unexpected resignation of Minister Popescu, as well as the chair of the Committee on Legal Affairs, Appointments and Immunities, Stamate, caused a kind of thrill in the society: who is next, they will not stop! There are rumors enough. Either they are related to the struggle for the cafe Gugutse, or to the seizure of the lands of the eliminated universities, or to the control over the prosecutor’s office, etc., but the most discussed character to whom they will address will still be Andrei Spinu,” Igor Clipii believes, as quoted by According to him, Spinu’s managerial activity is “extensive and extremely vigorous, which may distract this autumn’s election debates from the European vector and the referendum by discussing how much has been embezzled and where. “This topic is very good at gaining traction in an election campaign,” Clipii notes. “While just yesterday the latest investigation was talking about $34 million paid to someone (who?) for overpricing natural gas (and that’s without taking into account the bankruptcy of hundreds of natural gas-dependent producers), today Mr. Spinu’s already comprehensive ‘resume’ is fueled by another hot topic: schemes at the airport. There is no doubt that discussions will follow. Either on new or ‘old’ topics. This is what happens in election campaigns,” Clipii notes. Moreover, he believes that President Maia Sandu was in in a tricky situation because she defended Spinu without questioning his honesty. “It is difficult to say how the PAS people will behave, but if they do not solve the ‘Spinu case’, especially since Madam President M. Sandu recklessly declared Mr. Spinu’s impeccable image by saying that he is honest and innocent, the situation for PAS could turn grim. Only a court of law can decide how innocent a suspect is, and in Mr. Spinu’s case, a political decision by PAS is needed before the court (if indeed it takes place). A real leader must make a decision!”, the diplomat added in his post.