Serebrian: Moldova Is Committed to an Exclusively Peaceful Resolution of the Conflict

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The Republic of Moldova is determined to settle the Transdniestrian conflict exclusively by peaceful means. This position is also supported by our colleagues from Kyiv. This statement was made today by Deputy Prime Minister for Reintegration Oleg Serebrian and Ukrainian Ambassador for Special Assignments in charge of the Transnistrian issue, Paun Rogovei, after a meeting in Chisinau. During the briefing, Deputy Prime Minister Serebrian said that today the situation on the Transnistrian issue in 2023 is assessed. “The situation is complex and is constantly changing. We also touched upon the stagnation of the negotiation process between Chisinau and Tiraspol, recorded last year. We talked about the challenges Tiraspol is involved in, the situation on the Moldovan-Ukrainian border on the Transnistrian section. Tiraspol tries to prove that Ukraine and Moldova are planning an action against the region. I assure you that there is no plan for military or other pressure on the Transnistrian region. The only solution is the full reintegration of the region into the Republic of Moldova. We just want to gradually bring it into the legal field. No other scenarios can be taken into consideration. The conflict will be resolved only through peaceful means and dialogue. The Ambassador reiterated Ukraine’s support for this approach of Chisinau. Ukraine is an important partner in the regulation process, we appreciate the support provided in this direction,” Oleg Serebrian said. For his part, Ambassador Rogovei emphasized that Ukraine is in favor of resolving this conflict exclusively through diplomacy, through negotiations. “Ukraine is and will be an integral part of the negotiations on the settlement of the Transnistrian conflict. Today we have stated that the current international format is broken. The main reason is the presence within it of a state that has no moral right to participate in the negotiations. At the same time, we will support Chisinau’s initiatives aimed at the reintegration of the state. Ukraine relies on a peaceful settlement of this conflict,” Paun Rogovei claimed.