Ulianovschi Addresses Ambassadors to RM: Why Are You Keeping Silent and Abstain of Criticism?

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Former Foreign Minister Tudor Ulianovschi is concerned about ambassadors accredited in Chisinau who keep silent over the Government’s “anti-democratic abuses, as well as the ostentatious association of the European idea with one party”. As a guest on the TV program, he delivered a live message to diplomats in English, drawing their attention to the risks that such an attitude entails. “Excellencies, Ambassadors, dear friends, we all love Moldova and wish the best for our country and its citizens. However, I am concerned and amazed by Your Excellencies’ silence regarding the recent democratic developments and legislative changes in Moldova. These changes are aimed at favoring one party at the expense of other democratic political entities in Moldova,” Tudor Ulianovschi said. In this regard, the former Foreign Minister draws the attention of ambassadors to the fact that, unlike other periods, the voice of the diplomatic corps is no longer heard, and all citizens note this. “It is crucial to address such problems as the excessive politicization of the Government's decisions concerning the rule of law, democracy, free and fair elections, freedom of expression and freedom of the press. Although we used to notice your activity, now the society wonders why are you keeping silent and abstain of constructive criticism when certain decisions are taken in Moldova for political purposes,” the diplomat said. Thus, he believes, if attitudes do not change, the association of the Euro-Atlantic course exclusively with the current ruling party entails the risk that this course will become a minority in Moldova in the future. “I urge you to more actively support Moldova’s Euro-Atlantic course, European integration, as well as democratic and economic development. The support should benefit the whole society, without favoring any one party. It is crucial that all efforts be directed towards ensuring a majority that will continue the path of European and Euro-Atlantic integration in the upcoming presidential and parliamentary elections in Moldova next year. I appreciate your efforts, but it is very important that we work for Moldova’s benefit and do not favor any one party,” Tudor Ulianovschi concluded in his message to the foreign ambassadors.