Shevchenko Denies Morari’s ‘Exposés’ about ‘Surveillance’: Third Party Involved

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Natalia Morari’s “diplomatic scandal” is a sheer inconsistency, while Ukraine’s ambassador Marko Shevchenko claims that he felt no surveillance or harassment. The Ukrainian ambassador, who first talked in an interview about Natalia Morari’s exposes that some members of the Security and Intelligence Service (SIS) were allegedly spying on Ukrainian diplomats in Moldova, stated this. After the SIS announced possible false information and misinformation that could appear in the public to compromise Moldovan-Ukrainian relations, Morari published a video two days later about spying on Ukrainian diplomats. In this video, she refers to a certain document that allegedly proves that surveillance did take place. Moreover, Morari claims that she received this data from her sources in the Ukrainian intelligence services. Discussing Morari’s statements in the interview, Ambassador Shevchenko and journalist Nicolae Chicu recall that Veaceslav Platon, with whom Morari has a child, was arrested by Ukrainian services in August 2016 and subsequently handed over to Moldovan authorities. “You see, these two pieces of information do not add up. Ukrainian intelligence services could not hand over [Morari] such information, there is a third country involved”, Shevchenko said, meaning Russian Federation.