Chisinau International Airport Administrator Resigns

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Chisinau International Airport temporary administrator, Constantin Vozian, resigned. He announced this recently in social networks. “Every beginning has an end. On the very first day when I accepted the challenge to lead the Chisinau International Airport, I realized the enormous responsibility that was entrusted to me. Despite the fact that media attacks on the company had not stopped during the entire period of my leadership, the airport achieved several important results,” Vozian said. He cited the “bureaucratic difficulties” he had faced and said it was time to leave and devote more time to his family. “The reasons for my decision to resign are as simple as they are complex. As an administrator, I spent 90 per cent of my energy and time complying with bureaucratic procedures, unsuitable for business, especially for a strategic objective such as Chisinau International Airport. The limited range of the administrator’s powers, the obligation to agree with the management bodies on the vast majority of decisions, many of which are not even of great value, turn the state-owned enterprise’s executive body into a structure that cannot focus on its sustainable development. Compliance with formalities becomes a daily routine for the administrator. Airports in other countries have gone through similar bureaucratic difficulties and they can be overcome, which I am sure will happen here as well. At least this is my personal opinion whether the goals assigned to the airport can be achieved. Nothing is impossible, and I am sure that the future company’s management will be able demonstrate to the decision-makers the need for a different approach to the International Airport management from the corporate point of view,” Vozian emphasized in his message. At the same time, the head of the airport clarified that no one influenced him to make this decision. “In order to avoid any speculation - no one forced me or urged me to resign. This is my personal decision. Working as an administrator of a state-owned enterprise means great sacrifices at the expense of family and friends, unfortunately, life is extremely short, and I think it should be lived by prioritizing the truly important things. In the near future, I will be solely concerned with my family, which is of the highest value to me and which needs me more than ever,” Vozian said. Constantin Vozian was appointed temporary administrator of Chisinau Airport in April 2023.