Passenger Carriers Protest in Chisinau Center

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Not only farmers keep protesting. Today, intercity passenger carriers organized a protest in Chisinau center. The Association of Road Transport Carriers Employers said they were against the amendments to the Road Transport Code proposed by the Infrastructure Ministry. Up to 150 people took part in the action. An MP from the ruling PAS, Radu Marian, commented on the protest. He did not understand the discontent and argued that the law promoted transparent taxation, reduced bureaucracy and developed healthy competition, gave more opportunities to local authorities to provide citizens with transport, and made passenger transport more accessible and safe. Marian added that despite his arguments, everyone had the right to protest and the authorities would look into carriers’ demands. Earlier, the Association of Road Carriers Employers stated that the amendments to the Road Transport Code contradicted European norms. The carriers were against the requirement to set the interval of intercity flights at 15 minutes, and they were angered by the new regulation on the route license automatic renewal cancellation. These were the two main points on which the protesters strongly disagreed with the Infrastructure Ministry’s proposal.