Ukrainian Ambassador: Moldova Is Now Protected from Russian Military Threat

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Journalist Vitalie Calugareanu asked a Ukrainian diplomat how long Ukraine will resist and how vulnerable Moldova is if the Russians break through the front and reach Odesa. “We have no choice but to resist under any circumstances. We already know what the ‘Russian world’ is in practice, not on TV. Even those who were waiting for this ‘Russian world’ already know what it is, they know in Mariupol, Donetsk, Crimea, Kherson, Bucha, etc. Every small town that was under Russian occupation knows what ‘Russian world’ is. No one has any doubt that we must endure as long as we can, with or without foreign help. At the beginning of the war there was a risk that Russia might organize an offensive from the Black Sea. Right now, that risk is close to zero. Recently a ship was sunk by Ukrainian troops. Therefore, the possibilities for Russia to reach the sea coast somewhere near Odesa or nearby are rather limited or even impossible. That is why Moldova is protected from such risks. The risk of an air strike remains. If Ukraine’s air defenses are reinforced by our allies, Ukraine will try to shoot them down,’ said Marko Shevchenko. Speaking about Moldova, the Ukrainian ambassador said that the neutral status is unable to protect our country from possible security threats. “Moldova is a neutral state, and in the civilized world this legal status is usually respected. But in the case of Russia - this country does not respect international rules and treaties, so besides legal protection, every country should have something practical to defend itself against challenges. The Government of the Republic of Moldova is taking some steps, buying equipment, training the military, cooperating with other countries in the field of international security. I believe the Government knows what it is doing,” Marko Shevchenko said.