Nosatii: Russian Federation Definitely Challenges the Concept of Neutrality

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Neutrality cannot protect Moldova because the Russian Federation completely ignores this status, including that of Ukraine. This was stated by Defense Minister Anatolie Nosatii to DW. The statement was made during the Munich Security Conference. At the same time, according to the Minister, the country cannot be subjected to a military attack at the moment thanks to the AFU. “The Russian Federation completely violated this concept of neutrality by attacking Ukraine, which still had the status of neutrality. We can talk a lot about whether this status really protects us. Another example is the actions of the Scandinavian countries. Finland had the neutral status for a long time, and its citizens decided that it did not protect them and became a NATO country. The Republic of Moldova has realized how vulnerable it is because of the Russian military aggression against Ukraine and the possibility of direct or indirect exposure to missiles or other weapons of the Russian Federation. We are making every effort to strengthen the national defense system,” Anatolie Nosatii said. At the same time, he stressed that Moldova cannot be subjected to a military attack as long as “the Ukrainian army is fighting in the south of Ukraine, in the regions, within the framework of the positional war”. “This makes a military invasion impossible at the moment,” the defense minister claimed. Minister Anatolie Nosatii attended the Munich Security Conference, where he held a series of bilateral meetings and consultations with the political and military leaders, during which the security situation in the Black Sea basin and efforts to strengthen Moldova’s national resilience and defense capacity were discussed.