USA Will Further Support Moldova: Part of the Funds Will Be Taken from Assistance Aimed to Ukraine

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Moldova will continue to receive financial assistance from the USA to strengthen its military security, as well as to reduce the risks of hybrid warfare waged by Russia. This statement was made by Democratic senators during an official visit to Moldova. Part of the funds will be borrowed from the assistance of more than 60 billion dollars recently approved by the US Senate for Ukraine. At the same time, Moldova is recommended to invest more in defense from domestic sources. The US senators from the Democratic Party met with President Maia Sandu and Prime Minister Dorin Recean during their visit to Moldova. They announced that the American authorities are preparing financial assistance to our country. “We are determined to stop Russia’s attempts to manipulate the judicial system, we want to make Moldova energy independent. If we manage to pass this national security project through Congress, we expect to find funds for Moldova as well. That is why it is important that the document gets on President Biden’s desk as soon as possible and that he signs it,” said Chris Murphy, junior U.S. Senator and member of the Democratic Party. US senators say justice reform must be completed to prevent Russia from exploiting loopholes in the law to gain political advantage. Although they are ready to provide us with funds, US officials also call on Moldovan authorities to help strengthen the defense sector. In particular, increase the budget for the army. US senators warn that Russia will spread its aggression to other countries, including Moldova, if it defeats Ukraine. “It is of grave concern that if Russia succeeds in Ukraine, Vladimir Putin will not stop there. He will target Moldova, the Baltic States and other countries. That’s why we have to make sure Ukraine wins this war,” said Democratic U.S. Senator Jeanne Shaheen. Although the budget of the National Army has doubled in the last two years and reached almost two billion lei this year, our country now allocates only 0.55% of GDP, compared to NATO countries, which allocate about 2% of GDP. The U.S. Senate has recently approved more than $61 billion in financial aid to Ukraine. However, the project still has to pass the approval of the US House of Representatives, where the Republicans have a majority. The full package also includes $14 billion for Israel and $4.8 billion for allies in the Indo-Pacific region, including Taiwan, to deter aggression by China.