APOTA Complained about Pressure from Authorities: We Will Not Stop Our Protest

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The Employers’ Association of Motor Transport Operators (APOTA) reports that on 27, 28, 29 February, district and inter-district traffic will be suspended in protest “against the adoption of some anti-European transport regulations”. Moreover, representatives of the Association claim that transport operators have come under unprecedented pressure from the authorities in recent days. “Blacklists” containing the names of companies that will participate in the protest and sent to Minister Spinu and ANTA are distributed to representatives of the State Chancellery on the territory, to district police stations, and to mayors belonging to political parties. Managers of transport companies were threatened with personal troubles, loss of business, etc. just to persuade them to abandon the protest. Even drivers have received threats, who are urged by police officers to hit the road even without documents issued by transport companies, promising that they will not be checked these days. And if they do not “heed the advice”, they will be persecuted in the future. Bus stations contact illegal carriers to lure them into carrying passengers, promising them that they will not be penalized. It’s a pity that the authorities do not want to understand our message, which boils down to the desire to adapt national transport legislation to European legislation and to exclude from our industry corrupt schemes and all sorts of groups playing the role of jailers. The authorities have chosen the path of confrontation with carriers and insist on promoting illegal schemes. Despite all the threats and pressure we are facing, the haulers are determined to fight for their rights. And the illiteracy of the authorities, in addition to the 27-29 February protest, will lead to a series of subsequent protests,” APOTA said in a statement. Authorities have not yet commented on the allegations.