Mazeiks on EU Money Only for Pro-European Mayors: How the Money Is Spent Matters

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The head of the European delegation, Janis Mazeiks, said that the EU Delegation to Moldova is not concerned about the political views of Moldova’s mayors, but about how they will spend the allocated funds. The diplomat claimed that the European projects should cover all the regions and all the Moldovan citizens. At the same time, it is important to comply with the European values, such as transparency and the struggle against corruption, the diplomat noted. “We have listened to many mayors who say that they don’t care where the money comes from, and usually this money comes from some sources outside the Republic of Moldova. This is where the main problem lies. If the mayor says that he or she does not care where the money comes from, there is no guarantee that he or she will care how the money, the EU money, will be spent, and this element is crucial for us. We are talking about the money of European taxpayers,” Janis Mazeiks explained. We shall remind you that at the beginning of December 2023, Maia Sandu said at the Forum of Mayors that the money allocated by the EU would be sent only to localities with pro-European mayors. The president made similar statements several times. “If there are anti-European Union mayors, do you think the EU should give you money? What’s the logic in that? There is state money and it will be fairly distributed among all localities. The money that comes from the EU and from the taxpayers of EU countries will go to those who share these values,” the president said at the Mayors’ Forum held in December 2023.