Zelensky: Moldova Has Not Asked Ukraine for Military Aid

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Republic of Moldova has not asked Ukraine for military assistance in connection with the situation in the Transnistrian region or for any other reason. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said this on Sunday. He was asked to comment on rumors that Tiraspol was allegedly preparing an appeal to the Russian authorities to accept Transnistria into the Russian Federation. Zelensky replied that he does not believe in such an appeal in the current circumstances and, according to information he has, nothing of this kind is being prepared yet. “I am not sure that next week Transnistrians, or whoever has such intentions, will go for it. I’m not sure about this based on the information I have. (...) We’re at war. That’s the first point. We are at war with the Russian Federation. That is the second. Moldova has not approached us with any such requests. This is the third,” Zelensky said. He stressed that Ukraine had not received any requests from Moldova regarding the potential provision of military assistance. On 28 February, the authorities on the left bank are preparing a “congress of deputies of all levels” - the so-called Transnistrian parliament, as well as district, city, town and village councils. The topic is stated to be “economic pressure from Moldova” in connection with the adoption of the new Customs Code.