Ukraine Claims Russian Drone Crossed Moldova’s Border: New Russian Tactics

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Russian forces used a new tactic of launching Shaheed (in the Russian adaptation Geran-2) kamikaze drones across Ukraine. They use a sharp change of directions including entering the other country’s territory to bypass air defenses. The head of the Joint Coordination press center of Southern Ukraine Defense Forces Natalia Humeniuk said that. According to her, Russian drones crossed Moldova’s border at night, then returned to Ukrainian airspace and were destroyed. “A drone that was directed to Odesa region had very complicated maneuvering. Apparently, a route of crossing the Moldovan-Ukrainian border was provocatively laid. We recorded a border crossing; the drone flew several dozen kilometers there and returned to Ukrainian airspace where it was destroyed by air defense forces,” the spokesperson said. She noted that Russia had launched Shaheed drones last night in two atypical directions in Kirovohrad and Odesa regions. In this way, they tried to dilute the air defense forces concentration and check its readiness. After drones, which weakened the air defense, they used X-59 missiles, but the air defense managed to destroy them, Humeniuk said. The Moldovan Defense Ministry said yesterday that it had not recorded a Russian drone flight over the country’s territory. Russian drones that attacked Ukraine on Monday evening had not crossed the country’s airspace, the ministry said.