Cheptonar: Our Country Must Own At least Two Radars

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According to the PAS deputy, the recently acquired radar is not enough to ensure the country's security. “The data of this radar does not specify the operating range over the entire territory of the Republic of Moldova. In general, the Ukrainians have a lot of radars of this type, they are mobile so you can avoid their destruction. Surely, we must have at least two radars of this configuration. These radars are purchased for the defense of the country in case of an attack. Otherwise, they would be stationary radars and everyone would know their location,” Cheptonar said We should note that the Moldovan army has about 20 radars, but all of them are old. This was stated earlier by Defense Minister Anatolie Nosatii. The Defense Minister added that another radar will arrive in Moldova only in 2025. Currently, our country has only one radar, which can identify air dangers, purchased from the French with the state budgetary money. However, it cannot identify Shahed drones.