Spinu: I Stand with Prime Minister When He Names the Judges

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Infrastructure Minister Andrei Spinu says he supports Prime Minister Dorin Recean, who, at a government meeting, gave the names of some judges, being dissatisfied with their decisions. “I do not support Ms. Stamate’s position, I support the position of the Prime Minister. Just as I am responsible and have to report back to the media, to the people, to the voters, so judges also have to report on the decisions they make. It seems normal to me that citizens should know who makes certain decisions. Unfortunately, we have reached the point when these names are spoken from the biggest forum - the government one. I expect, not as a minister but as a citizen, that those who make decisions in the justice sector are held accountable for what they do, that people know them. On the decisions they make, I have to give explanations when I talk to people. It is rather convenient to make decisions that do not lead to justice and remain in the shadows,” Andrei Spinu said, as quoted by unimedia.info. Previously, Dorin Recean several times read out a list of judges who ruled in favor of oligarchic groups in Moldova. As a result, a number of NGOs, as well as representatives of the judiciary, complained that the prime minister’s actions were an attempt to intimidate judges.