European Commission to Propose Ways to Put the EU Economy on a “War Footing”

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The European Commission will propose ways to boost the European defense industry to better respond to the needs of the war in Ukraine and growing uncertainty about future challenges. European Industry Commissioner Thierry Breton plans to outline proposals on how EU countries can cooperate to buy more weapons from European companies and so encourage them to increase production capacity. “We need to change the paradigm and put the economy on a war footing. This also means that the European defense industry will have to take more risks, but with our support,” Breton said. “In the current geopolitical situation, Europe must take greater responsibility for its security, regardless of the outcome of elections in our allies every four years,” the European commissioner added. As far as is known, according to the proposals in the European Commissioner’s plan, it is necessary to oblige manufacturers to prioritize orders from Europe over third countries in times of crisis for Europe. The plan is expected to come with a paltry €1.5bn in the EU’s multi-year budget, but will create a legislative framework for more coordinated action across the EU. Breton also called for the creation of a €100bn EU special fund to finance defense projects. An official covertly familiar with the plans told reporters that the EC intends to treat Ukraine in this matter “almost as a member state” and involve it in the new mechanisms that will be created. We shall remind you that the EU is also considering the idea of establishing a separate post of European Commissioner for defense issues. Earlier it was reported that the Czech initiative to purchase 800,000 rounds of ammunition for Ukraine from outside the EU, which is co-financed by various states, will provide the first deliveries to Kyiv in a few weeks.