APO Prosecutor Resigned: SIS Declared Me a Threat to National Security

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In a statement on social networks, she noted that this step was rather difficult for her, and also spoke about the motives behind the decision. “I have worked in the prosecutor’s office for 18 years and was sure that I would work at least as long. Life had it differently. Recently I learnt that I was a threat to Moldova’s national security. This was not an empty slander by politicians who put forward slogans that they themselves do not understand. This accusation was the official position of the Security and Intelligence Service of the Republic of Moldova. I am not accused of espionage, murder or any other criminal acts. I was declared a ‘threat to national security’ only in order to limit my access to the case I initiated on 11.01.2024, in which I started an investigation related to the illegal actions of a group of people, committing lawlessness in the Moldovan judicial system,” the prosecutor said. According to her, during the investigation she found that state institutions fabricated and disseminated false information against judges disloyal to the authorities. In addition, despite the absence of facts set out in the SIS and NAC notes, the distorted information was used by the authorities as a basis for refusing the appointment and promotion of such judges. “Obviously, the SIS and the Office of the President were working in tandem. I understand when the SIS says someone is a threat to national security, they mean themselves and those who organized the scheme. They realize that the spread of such arbitrariness, such lawlessness will lead to the fact that Moldova will not be accepted either in the EU or even in the UN. I appeal to the leadership of the country. You have concentrated all the power in Moldova in the interests of the ruling party, whereas you should pay attention to the welfare of the country. The obedient media applauds you, while you shut the mouths of the rest who try to publish their opinions, even subjective ones. But you're not in government forever, and defaming everyone as a threat to the security of the state isn’t going to work. You think you’re almighty? I think you have a cardboard castle: ‘Hit it and it collapses’. I know who made these decisions about intimidating judges, when and under what circumstances. Are you scared? Are you nervous? I understand you, there is a reason. This is just the beginning,” the prosecutor stated. On Friday, 15 March, Victoria Furtuna announced a big press conference for the media, where she promises to tell about the details of the judicial scandal.