Nosatîi on War Preparations: Allocated Budget Does Not Allow It

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Moldova’s army is preparing for defense. This was the answer given by Minister Anatolie Nosatîi in the program “În Profunzime” when he was asked whether the authorities were preparing for a possible war. “The Armed Forces Doctrine is a defense doctrine based on sufficient defense requirements,” the head of the ministry said. “The allocated budget does not allow us to resort to militarization or war preparations. It allows us to preserve resources to defend the state sovereignty and integrity,” Nosatîi said on air on the ProTV channel. According to the minister, after the outbreak of the war in Ukraine, the authorities in Chisinau realized the need to develop air defense, information technology, cyber defense systems and to improve operational capabilities. Nosatîi also mentioned the increase in the defense budget, which made it possible to buy new means for training soldiers, as well as to establish cooperation with European structures and NATO. Speaking about the annual military exercises, the official said that previously they had been held haphazardly and only for one day, but at the moment that process was “approached seriously”. As for the reservists number, the minister said it encompassed all men from 18 to 60, as well as some women with relevant specializations or trained at military departments.