Moldova Railway Employees Comment on the Payment of Their Salaries through Loans

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Employees of the state enterprise Moldova Railway (MR) confirmed that they had begun to receive salary arrears, but noted that this was not very encouraging, as payments were made from loans rather than from what the enterprise earns, and no transports were and are not expected. They wondered what to do when the loan would run out. In addition, the employees of the SE MR drew attention to the fact that all of them had been stripped of their additional payments, which is bad, because in the context of low salaries at the MR, supplements were the only way to increase salaries and retain workers. The removal of the supplements did not result in significant savings. For example, the wage fund of Moldova Railway was 60 million lei per month, and after the removal of surcharges it became 57.5 million lei per month. But all the workers started to receive less money. Their performance is poor, and there is no desire to work. In addition, it has already been announced that, probably from April, the employees of the SE MR will switch to a 4-day work week in order to save money. The employees of the State Enterprise Moldova Railway point out that no matter what the former head of the state enterprise Oleg Tofilat was like, he never took the measures taken today. They recall the phrase of Robert Bosch, who said: “I do not pay good wages because I have a lot of money. I have a lot of money because I pay good wages”. As previously reported, Infrastructure and Regional Development Minister Andrei Spinu said that the employees of the state enterprise Moldova Railway would receive their December salaries by the end of this month. Earlier, the railway workers received their salaries for October and November, and now the repayment of the salary arrears for December has started. Andrei Spinu said that in order to pay off the salary debts, the MR obtained a loan and made various savings. The money is taken from the savings resulting from the reduction of certain costs, from the saving of certain resources.