Guțul Sues Sandu to Protect Honor and Dignity

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The head of Gagauzia believes that Sandu “will find the courage not to hide behind immunity and answer for her words”. “President Maia Sandu has once again allowed herself discriminatory attacks on our people and our autonomy. Her statements offend all the Gagauz: both local residents, voters of the autonomy, and my competitors in the Bașkan election a year ago. Sandu and her party put neither the choice nor the will of Gagauz voters at stake. This is no longer a symptom. It is a diagnosis,” Evghenia Guțul said. She recalled that the Bașkan election results were recognized by the Central Election Commission, the Comrat Court of Appeal and were not challenged in court, including by law enforcement bodies. In the end, “all Sandu was left with were unsubstantiated accusations, insults, envy and attacks” - the Bașkan “categorically rejected” these “false accusations". “I was democratically elected and approved as Bașkan to protect the rights, interests and powers of the autonomy residents. Only for them and for our native Gagauzia I work day by day. All my actions are absolutely legal. Until now, I ignored these lies and slander on the part of citizen Sandu, but today she overstepped all boundaries. I demand that she answer to the law,” Evghenia Guțul added. Her lawyers “will immediately initiate an action for the protection of honor and dignity against citizen Maia Sandu for the lies and defamation spread at the press conference on 18 March 2024”.