Grosu Demanded that the PAS Deputy Resign

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The statement followed the searches at Chisinau International Airport by officers of the National Anticorruption Centre (NAC). “Today, the NAC reported searches at the airport in a corruption and bribery case against the daughter of an MP. Even if a person is presumed innocent until a court decision, such cases overshadow and undermine our fight against corruption. In such circumstances, it is necessary that MP Victoria Cazacu resigns her mandate. In addition, the PAS parliamentary faction will take all measures to expel the MP from parliamentary bodies and from the faction. Corruption is a serious threat to our country and we will not tolerate such cases,” Grosu wrote. According to the law-enforcement bodies, several customs inspectors of the customs post at the Chisinau International Airport and individuals are under investigation in a corruption case. The case concerns a criminal scheme involving the systematic levying of money from passengers to facilitate the illegal import or export of various goods from the country. According to the information received, customs inspectors are suspected of demanding and receiving from passengers between $50 and $1,000 for permission to import or export goods from Moldova, bypassing the duty payment procedures in accordance with the legislation in force. After the searches had surfaced, some Telegram channels reported that one of the suspects in the case is a relative of a ruling party deputy.