Romania Bans Entry of 116 Moldovan Citizens

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The Romanian authorities sanctioned 116 people who were to protest in Bucharest during Maia Sandu’s visit. The demonstrations were organized and paid for by the fugitive oligarch Ilan Sor. The outlet learnt that the ban was imposed by one of the institutions of the Romanian Interior Ministry. This information was confirmed by Viorel Centiu, head of the International Police Cooperation Centre in the General Police Inspectorate (GPI). “A group of young people close to Sor was banned from entering Romania by the competent authorities of this state. The ban was imposed by the competent authorities of that state. I cannot tell you exactly the ban’s duration, as it is their decision and it would be more appropriate to contact them. The ban was imposed after analyzing and concluding that these young people were and are a danger to Romania’s national security. Moreover, we are talking about Romania, but if other young people or the same young people pose a danger to other European countries, the ban will also be applied, because they directly threaten the national security of any state,” Centiu explained. The official added that “we are aware of 116 persons (against whom the ban was adopted - ed.), but this number may change. This is the information we have at the moment from our Romanian colleagues. There may be changes and a new list”.