Grosu on Gutul’s Statements: Prosecutor General’s Office and SIS must Show Some Temper

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Prosecutors need to show more courage to counter the separatist attempts of the bashkan of Gagauzia. This opinion was voiced by the chairman of the parliament. Igor Grosu also claimed that the state institutions have the necessary legal instruments, but there are difficulties with further actions. The statements were made in the context of recent visits to Moscow by Evghenia Gutul, who is accused of cooperating with the Kremlin in the hybrid war against Moldova. The parliamentary speaker says that the Prosecutor General’s Office and the Security and Intelligence Service should report on what steps were taken after Evghenia Gutul’s statements in Moscow. According to Igor Grosu, the actions of the Gagauz bashkan fall under the definition of separatism. Parliament approved the law on penalties for separatism last year, so the authorities have the necessary leverage. “Over 30 years we have had no article that stipulates what people who have the will to do such things can be exposed to. We have to address all questions to the Prosecutor’s office and the Security and Intelligence Service. There is a self-notification procedure. - Do you think the authorities have the leverage to do that? -The authorities should have a bit more guts. We are like dancers who dance bad and look for excuses. This is my message to the authorities - we should not just worry, we should get down from the stage where we are performing and put words into concrete actions,” Grosu said. The Prosecutor-General’s Office, where journalists asked for a comment on the speaker’s statements, said that there was no criminal case or criminal proceedings concerning this situation. But they assured that they are taking measures to ensure constitutional order in Moldova together with other law enforcement bodies. Answering TV8 question, the Security and Intelligence Service said it would not comment on Igor Grosu’s statements, but noted that the SIS always acts strictly within the framework of the national legislation and in accordance with the powers vested in the Service. Evghenia Gutul has been to Russia twice in the last month. According to the Moldovan authorities, Ilan Sor, who was convicted in Moldova, also moved there for some time. After the first visit to Russia, Evghenia Gutul published photos with Vladimir Putin, and after returning home, she promised the residents of Gagauzia cheap gas and financial assistance from the Russian side. Representatives of the Moldovan leadership claim that all the words of Evghenia Gutul are nothing more than promises aimed at seizing power in the country. Evghenia Gutul was elected Bashkan of Gagauzia with the support of Ilan Sor. The Security and Intelligence Service has previously claimed that the Kremlin relies on her to try to jeopardize Moldova’s accession to the European Union.