Georgia’s President Addressed the European Union over the Domestic Situation

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The European Union must consider the current situation in Georgia. This statement was made by Georgian President Salome Zourabichvili. She believes that the European Council should bring the issue for consideration at the meeting to be held within two days in Brussels. “I addressed Charles Michel and Emmanuel Macron about our situation, the meeting of the European Council of the European Union will take place tomorrow,” Salome Zourabichvili said. Earlier, the Georgian president opposed the adoption of the draft law on foreign agents. She also said that she would veto it. In addition, EU representatives also opposed the consideration of the bill. It should be noted that protests against the draft law on foreign agents, which was previously submitted to the local parliament, are continuing for the second day in Georgia. It is known that the bill was approved by the parliamentary committee on legal issues and now the deputies have started its consideration. Several thousand people are protesting outside the parliament building, accusing the authors of the draft law of trying to create difficulties for independent media. The parliament is guarded by special forces and a water cannon is set up in the square outside the parliament to disperse the crowd. Currently, law enforcers are trying to disperse the protesters by using tear gas and detaining the loudest protesters. For the first time the draft law in Georgia caused scandals back in March 2023 - protests over the bill led to the withdrawal of the document. However, in April this year, the bill was reintroduced.