Recean: I Am Romanian and Speak Romanian

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This is how Prime Minister Dorin Recean will answer the question from the questionnaire of the population census, taking place in Moldova. The statement was broadcast on the program Punctul pe AZi on TVR Moldova. Earlier, ministers from Recean’s cabinet said they would respond similarly to the question on nationality and mother tongue. From 8 April to 7 July, Moldova will host the Population and Housing Census, a statistical activity carried out in all countries of the world, which is aimed at creating a picture of the demographic reality, based on which public policies are built and financial assistance is provided. The data collected during the census will form the basis for all policies implemented by the state when making important decisions on infrastructure development, investments in schools, kindergartens, social and health services. This is the third census conducted since the independence of the Republic of Moldova. The first one took place in 2004 and the second one in 2014.