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Iran activated air defenses in several provinces on Friday night following reports of explosions in the city of Kahjavarestan, near Isfahan airport. Iran’s FARS news agency says three explosions rang out near a military base where fighter jets were stationed. The Israeli military said it had “no comment for now.” Bloomberg, meanwhile, quotes two unnamed U.S. officials as saying Israel warned the U.S. on Thursday that it planned to attack in the next 24 to 48 hours in response to Iran, which fired more than 300 drones and missiles into the Jewish state over the weekend. Iran’s space agency later said several drones were “successfully shot down”, refuting reports that missiles were involved in the attack. According to state-run Mehr TV, commercial flights were suspended in several regions. A few hours later, according to the Civil Aviation Organization, flight restrictions were lifted. Early Friday morning, strikes were also carried out on the Sweida region in southern Syria. This is an attack on a “Syrian army radar position”. The alleged attack on Iran comes 5 days after an unprecedented drone and rocket attack on Israel. NBC and CNN write that Washington knew about the retaliatory strike. “We did not approve it,” a U.S. administration source said. The bombings in Iran coincided with the 85th birthday of Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. Recently, senior Mossad official Zohar Palti told Sky News that striking Iran’s nuclear facilities was on Israel’s list of options being considered for a retaliatory strike after Saturday’s attack. “The nuclear facilities in Isfahan province are completely safe,” Iran’s Tasnim news agency said on Friday. All these days, the US, the European Union, G7 member states and the UN have called for “maximum restraint” from Israel and Iran. The world and the region “cannot let another conflict happen,” UN secretary-general’s spokesperson Stephane Dujarric said.