Carp on Setting Up the “Victory” Bloc: It Is a Treason

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From the political point of view, the creation of the opposition bloc “Victory” in Moscow is a treason. This is the opinion of Lilian Carp, chair of the parliamentary committee on national security, defense and public order. According to the PDS deputy, the representatives of the SOR group are clearly acting in the interests of the Russian Federation, and the Prosecutor’s Office should make a clear judgement on whether these actions fall under Article 337 of the Criminal Code: treason against the motherland. On 21 April in Moscow, all satellite parties of the former SOR party signed a document on the creation of the political bloc “Victory”. The political entity is headed by Ilan Sor, a fugitive politician convicted and sentenced in Moldova. PAS MP Lilian Carp believes that the actions of Sor’s group to create a political entity in an aggressor state are a treason against the motherland. “From a political point of view, these actions can be considered as treason. This is a direct interference of the Russian Federation, through intermediaries from the criminal group SOR, as well as through Russian entertainers who are clearly involved in these actions in order to influence the political sentiments in the Republic of Moldova. All this can be considered a direct interference in Moldovan politics. All the parties that Sor has created over the past years, he is now uniting into an electoral bloc. This is happening in a crucial election year, because it is easier for them to convey information from a single center rather than spreading it through separate parties,” Lilian Carp said on the air of the “Rezoomat” programme on RliveTV. Lilian Carp says that the Prosecutor’s Office will legally construe the actions of the SOR group. Recently, acting Prosecutor General Ion Munteanu said that the law enforcement bodies are studying the creation of the “Victory” political bloc in terms of the article of the Criminal Code on treason against the motherland. “I heard that the Prosecutor General said that he would consider the issue of high treason of those who took this action. I can only give a political wording, and it is as follows: treason against the motherland. Sor, directly or indirectly, destabilizes Moldova in the interests of the Russian Federation,” the chair of the parliamentary committee for national security, defense and public order said. According to the Criminal Code, treason against the motherland is a deliberate act committed by a citizen of the Republic of Moldova to the detriment of sovereignty, territorial integrity or state security by switching to the side of the enemy, espionage or disclosure of state secrets. This offence is punishable by imprisonment from 12 to 20 years.