Iurie Margineanu: They Brazenly Steal Moldovan Identity

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They intend to steal national identity from Moldovans through manipulation and propaganda. This opinion was expressed by lawyer, advocate Iurie Margineanu, speaking in the talk show “Bez galstukov s Alexandrom Stahursckim” on the N4 TV channel. This is how he commented on the statement of the head of the Metropolis of Bessarabia, Metropolitan Petru, who called on believers in Moldova to take part in the general census and urged them to “declare their belonging to the Romanian nationality, Romanian language and Orthodox faith”. Iurie Margineanu noted that the reaction after this statement should follow, as it is pure propaganda and manipulation, and Moldovans are having their identity stolen from them. “We will wake up tomorrow and they will tell us that what we are talking about something that never existed. Churches are dividing, they are dividing us not only along ethnic lines, they are dividing us along movable and immovable property, churches, different religions, eye color, nationalities and so on, and then you can rule over this nation as much as you want,” the lawyer complained. He emphasized that all this has already happened in history, but this too shall pass. At the same time, Iurie Marghineanu called these manipulations rather crude. “I’ve seen manipulation, but it was very subtle. But this is so crude that they just slap in our face. I have no words left to express my emotions. It’s just a slap in the face. Maybe he would sing some religious song to show that we are Romanians, identical Romanians, so that the Romanian army would come here and protect us from who?” - wondered the lawyer. According to him, there are so many questions arising because of people like this who interfere. “Maybe nobody asked him to interfere. But this is an obvious propaganda, and it happens every day. And when the power is weak, then these different people come out and start calling to something. To different things. One - to the left, the other - to the right. But the authorities must show their will and stop it. That is the purpose of the authorities,” Iurie Margineanu emphasized.