Sandu: 9 May Cannot Divide Us, As This Is the Day for Celebrating Peace

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President Maia Sandu believes that there is no reason for possible challenges at events organized on 9 May in Moldova. ‘The 9th of May is about peace. Since all citizens in Moldova value peace, this day cannot divide anyone. If there are a few politicians trying to divide people, it is their problem. We all celebrate peace. The EU is a project of peace, and especially when we are experiencing the horrors of war in Ukraine, we all recognize it and want to do everything to preserve it,’ Maia Sandu said. Earlier President Sandu invited the citizens of the republic to celebrate Europe Day on 9 May. The event, organized by the government together with the EU delegation, will take place on the square of the Grand National Assembly. ‘On 9 May 1950 they laid down the foundation stone for peace and unity, which the EU countries have enjoyed for seven decades’, the head of state noted. This year, for the first time, Europe Day celebrations will be held in the center of Chisinau on 9 May. In previous years, the authorities moved the celebrations to another day in order not to combine Europe Day with Victory Day. In 2023, the Parliament decided that Europe Day is an official holiday in the Republic of Moldova. At the same time, Victory Day is also a public holiday.