Ukraine Reports Attempted Breakthrough of Russian Forces in Kharkiv Oblast

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This morning pro-war Russian telegram channels spread information about the beginning of a new offensive of Russian troops on Kharkiv from the territory of Russia. The Ukrainian Defence Ministry has confirmed the information about the start of the enemy offensive. According to them, Russian troops under the cover of armored vehicles tried to break through the AFU defense in Kharkiv Oblast. The first attack was repelled, the fighting continues. During the day, airstrikes using guided aerial bombs took place near Vovchansk. During the night, the Russians intensified artillery attacks on the front line of the defense. “At about 5 am there was an attempt by the enemy to break through our defense line under cover of armored vehicles,” the Ukrainian Defense Ministry stated. The head of the Kharkiv oblast military administration, Oleh Syniehubov, has spoken about the intensification of shelling in the Northern direction. “Invaders have intensified shelling in the Northern direction. First of all, the enemy is striking at the city of Vovchansk. (...) The AFU are confidently holding their positions: not a single meter has been lost. The enemy grouping poses no threat to Kharkiv, its forces are sufficient only for provocations in the northern direction,” the Ukrainian official wrote in his Telegram channel. He said that shelling from guided aerial bombs (KABs), multiple-launch rocket systems (MLRS) and artillery continued throughout the night. There were attempts by sabotage groups to break the border. Authorities called on civilians in border communities to take shelter and follow the administration’s instructions. Russian Federation has not yet officially commented on the offensive.