US Secretary of State Antony Blinken to Visit Moldova Soon

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At the moment Chisinau and US officials were discussing a possible visit to Moldova by US Secretary of State Antony Blinken, official sources told G4Media. This will be the second visit of the US diplomatic chief to Chisinau, following the visit in March 2022. The visit depends on the development of two important events now - the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the war between Israel and the Hamas terrorist organization. The Republic of Moldova has become a hot spot on the map of Europe with the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Russia is trying to overthrow the pro-Western regime in Chisinau through some political players. In October, Moldova will hold presidential elections and a referendum in which citizens will decide whether to join the European Union. Two years ago, Antony Blinken praised Moldova’s assistance to Ukrainian military refugees. ‘The Republic of Moldova deserves the gratitude of the international community for the welcome and security it has provided to refugees. The United States will do everything we can to help the Republic of Moldova (...) We support Moldova’s European aspirations. We want to support Moldova in strengthening energy security. We do this both by financially supporting the development of alternative sources and by attracting technical experts. We will co-operate very closely,’ the US diplomatic chief, who visited Chisinau in March 2022, said.